Lust Epidemic

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the fact that here we have one of the few mobile games for adults with full gameplay. So, it’s neither an interactive novel nor another five-minute mini-game. Instead, it’s a completely self-sufficient project, presented in the best traditions of classic point-and-click adventure games, despite the fact that many are positioning … Read moreLust Epidemic


Melody turns out to be a game from an independent developer. We can define it as a first-person visual novel with erotic moments. Here you are expected to play for a musician who leads a busy lifestyle. To earn his living, our hero starts giving private lessons, mostly to very beautiful girls, with whom the … Read moreMelody

Holidays in Hawaii

The long-awaited vacation came and our hero Ben decided to go to Hawaii. The guy planned to relax on the paradise islands and beautiful beaches. He wished to relax on white sandy beaches amid an ocean with warm water and attractive girls in swimsuits. A good fuck with Chelsea First, Ben needed to catch a … Read moreHolidays in Hawaii