Detective Girl of the Steam City

This game is all about mysteries, secrets and testing your intelligence on the ability to find the answers which cannot be answered in a regular way. you start as a character Sophie – who desires to become famous and glorious for her detective skills and all you need to do is to lurk around the Steam City and look for the criminals. you need to ask the question, make clues and many more things to make the Steam City safe place to live.

You need to help the police to find those who murder other people and all you have is your smart brain and your beautiful body which has to be used when there is no other way to figure out what the hell is going on in the crazy city.

You are like Sherlock holmes in this game Рthe difference is you are more horney and more beautiful, and young. And you also have tits, and there is no Watson that will admire so everything you need to do has to be done on your own without somebody’s help.

download this game and feel how the mysteries are taking your breath away and help Sophie to become a true detective who can find any criminal no matter what in this strange, sexy and very mysterious game.