Holidays in Hawaii

The long-awaited vacation came and our hero Ben decided to go to Hawaii. The guy planned to relax on the paradise islands and beautiful beaches. He wished to relax on white sandy beaches amid an ocean with warm water and attractive girls in swimsuits.

A good fuck with Chelsea

First, Ben needed to catch a taxi, and then leave the airport with his luggage to the hotel. In the terminal, the guy noticed a young and very beautiful blonde, who had a lot of bags. The girl really liked our hero, so he decided to offer his male help simultaneously get acquainted. The beauty was Chelsea, and while Ben was talking to her, her older sister Erin came up to them and they all went to the hotel together in a taxi. During the conversation, Ben and Chelsea agreed to meet in the evening at Plumeria Beach Cafe. At the appointed time, the guy arrives at the meeting place and sees that the girl is already drunk, so he offers her to go to her room.

Then they have passionate sex, but in the morning sister Erin comes into their room and makes a scandal. Fortunately, our hero was an excellent lover and expert of female psychology, so he easily persuaded the guest to have a threesome affair.