Lust Epidemic

Perhaps, it’s worth starting with the fact that here we have one of the few mobile games
for adults with full gameplay. So, it’s neither an interactive novel nor another five-minute mini-game. Instead, it’s a completely self-sufficient project, presented in the best traditions of classic point-and-click adventure games, despite the fact that many are positioning “Lust Epidemic” as a role-playing game. So, welcome to the territory of one of the oldest universities, where the main character gets as a result of bad weather.

Mysterious university adventures

As it becomes clear from the first minutes of the game, the university building hides a truly incredible amount of secrets, which, one way or another, are associated with mysticism. The main task is to shed light on many events taking place at the moment around you and also find a way to leave campus. Besides this, you are also expected to access four sexy chicks, which is undoubtedly the most intriguing part of the game stuffed with exciting erotic scenes.