Year of release: 2022
Censorship: None
Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux
Edition Type: In Development
Keyboard: Not required
Version: v.0.31b
English Language: English
Interface Language: English

System requirements (minimum):
Windows OS

You are 26 years old, you never leave the house, you have no friends or girlfriend, but one day you get a call from a neighbor who is going to move, there you buy (or steal) an amulet that contains the soul of a beautiful woman, she is a cab driver with experience, who will teach you the profession from scratch, taking you out of your comfort zone.

Your car has many features that you can improve upon. Are you afraid of getting into an accident? Invest in brakes; Are you superstitious? Increase your luck level; Do you like speed? Make your engine roar… No matter what your style, your car adapts, get out there and become the best cab driver in town! (Or second best).



Additional scene with Amelia (For support) Thanks <3

A few bugs and typos – Fixed
Developer message menu enabled (you can turn it on or off from your laptop)
Video in the “Maid” task was not displaying correctly – Fixed
A few bugs that caused some events with Jasmine to not work – Fixed
x3 New events with Britney
x3 New Events with Laya
x2 New Maid Management quests
x2 base card + x2 event + x2 prize
x2 normal card + x2 event + x2 prize
x2 diamond card + x2 event + x2 prize
x2 legendary card + x2 event + x2 prize
x1 New Event with Mia
x1 New Event with Mia
x1 New quest (Taking Care of Girls)

Download Link:  BECOME TAXI DRIVER / V.0.31B    2.9 GB