Year of release: 2020
Censorship: None
Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux/Android
Edition Type: In Development
Keyboard: Not required
Version: v.
English Language: English
Interface Language: English

System requirements (minimum):
OS: WinXP/Vista/7/8/10 HDD: 100 MB

Secretary is an erotic life-simulation adventure game in which a character begins as an adult, almost 30-year-old white-collar worker in a well-paid but dead-end IT job when a few bad decisions cause his life to fall apart, leaving him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinions on how to motivate subordinates may differ from your typical working relationship.

Gameplay Information:
When you upgrade to the new version, use the export button under your avatar in your last stable save (please check to see if you have already gone beyond the last content, which is currently Sunday night, week one). Then download the new version, start it and click restart (so that all new varaibles are installed), paste the contents of the export file into the dialog and click OK.
If you get stuck, check to see if anyone wants you to take off or put on clothes, and use the inventory menu to do so.



Digital Perfection:
Complete two additional missions for AIKO.
Learn about her original creation.
Go on a “date” to the Shun dungeon under AIKO’s supervision.
Help her “learn” through various VR interactions.
Introduce AIKO to Alex and Dr. Catcher.
Over 30,000 words and 135 new passages
Work Out Your Body:
Additional gym training opportunities to unlock 19 agility, strength, endurance, and martial arts skills.
Compete for the title of “Miss Hard Pump” and unlock 20 levels of agility, strength and endurance.
Join Bob in a doubles tournament to reach the top 20 in martial arts.
Over 24,000 words and 100 new passages
Old Friend:
Develop your relationship with Bob.
Three new dates, including a night in the Xiong dungeon.
A threesome with Alex, Kurt, Daphne and Mistress Antlers.
Couples counseling with Dr. Trapper.
Earn his collar and he will be your key keeper.
Over 35,000 words and 147 new passages
Chaste No More:
An additional alternative to chastity in a feminizing style (6 options total).
You can disable the “penis chastity” fetish to pass the game without chastity.
The Cost of Content:
A new scene with Dr. Twig’s nurse featuring a familiar man.
Over 3,000 words and 8 new passages.
Progression Smoothing:
Events needed to progress are now tracked with dependency to avoid getting stuck due to RNG.
You can adjust the rate of “progression” events in the options menu.
Definitely not secret cow level.
New scene with Alex after you both end up in chastity devices like 9001.
Optimized sleep to reduce the number of clicks.


Download Link: SECRETARY / V.   595.9 MB