Year of release: 2020
Censorship: None
Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux
Edition Type: In Development
Keyboard: Not required
Version: v.0.6.6
Game Language: English
Interface Language: English

A technical demo of the sequel to the game Strive for Power. This game presents the main changes and mechanics of the second game, but does not reflect the main focus of the gameplay or content and should be seen as a rough idea.

Dungeon Recruitment:
There is now a chance to get a potential recruit after combat. Recruits depend on location and area. Recruits can be added to the list or quickly sold. In a forgotten location, all characters will be sold. Other mechanics for recruits will be introduced later.

Factor Revision:
The Growth Factor has been redesigned: it now increases a character’s stats based on how many classes he has unlocked.
Exp requirements are no longer affected.
The starting growth factor for unique characters has been reduced.
Coefficients are now increased if you sacrifice a character in the slave market.

Added tax system for some improvements
Added cg scenes for Heleviel/Lira at the end of the second arc
Added console to run some custom commands (F2)
Added Kali’s bad route
Removed loyalty bonus on virginity stripping by master
Removed breeder class to purchase
Reduced combat xp across the board
Updated service/behavior icon to better reflect the current state of the slave
Reinforced Kali’s sword
Assassination damage type changed to dark
Hammer damage type changed to earth damage
Fixed some descriptions
Fixed some parts of the sex service not working correctly
Minor bug fixes (redacted)

Download Link: STRIVE: CONQUEST / V.0.6.6 3.3 GB